World Space Week 2017

Playing host to over 2,000,000 visitors attending more than 2700 events spread across 86 nations worldwide, World Space Week takes place from 4th - 10th October.


In 1999, The United Nations General Assembly declared that World Space Week will take place from 4th October to 10th October every year, in commemoration and celebration of two key dates in the advancement of space technology and exploration.

The 4th October 1957 when Sputnik, the first human made Earth satellite was launched, paving the way for future space exploration, and October 10th when the Treaty on Principle Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration of Space and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and other Celestial Bodies including the Moon, was signed.

What’s coming up

Events, education and outreach programmes in the UK will be organised by space agencies, aerospace companies, planetaria, museums, astronomy clubs and schools, and include:

London Space Week – Hosted by Proximium Group.

VIP Evening with an Astronaut – Hosted by Vixen International, featuring NASA Astronaut and Apollo 15’s CMP, Col. Al Worden.

Imperial Fringe – A Space Odyssey – Hosted by Imperial College London

Skylark Britain’s first space rocket – hosted by The British Interplanetary Society.

For further information about events taking place during Space Week 2017 visit:

UK Space Tech Angels

Newable has also an equity arm Newable Ventures which has one vertical called UK Space Tech Angels (UKSTA) focused on downstream technologies and space enabling businesses. UKSTA partners with space industry leaders such as Seraphim Space Fund, European Space Agency, Airbus Ventures and Space Application Catapult to name a few.

UKSTA will present six selected UK based high potential EIS/SEIS space tech companies at its forthcoming investor showcase on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

The application for companies are open until November 14th, if your business fits the criteria and it is raising a Seed/Post seed or Pre-series A round please apply here.

Also, if you are a potential/seasoned investor with an interest in the industry please reach out to Yann Moulary at Manager at UK Space Tech Angels and Network Manager at NPI.


For all other enquiries please contact us at: