We got Bots

Successful innovation is key to a vibrant, successful economy. Newable works closely with Innovate UK, the Government's innovation agency, to help tech entrepreneurs get their products to market.

Newable supports tech entrepreneurs

Newable provides a range of services and products to emerging tech entrepreneurs. We can help them access grant funding, hone their commercial acumen through the Innovation2Succeed programme, help them protect their IP, identify production partners overseas, start exporting and potential even secure Angel equity investment.

The reception area of Newable's new office

One of our clients is BotsandUS. Founded by Andrei Danescu and Adrian Negoita in 2015, BotsAndUs has created Bo – a social robot with state of the art artificial intelligence capabilities that revolutionises the interaction that businesses can have with their customers. Whether it’s a shop owner telling customers what they have to offer, or a restauranteur showing what’s on the menu, Bo transforms the customer experience across events, hospitality and retail by allowing business to interact with their customers in a new, engaging way.

Newable worked with Andrei and the team on the nitty gritty of business operation – optimising the business so that it is in a position to go from hardware prototyping to market launch. This involved creating a robust business plan and an investment document to help secure funding, whilst also leveraging Newable’s knowledge of emerging markets to take the business to the next level.

Social Robots

A mural of some members of the Newable team

Andrei – not Bo – said: “I’m passionate about technology and how it can enhance social interactions. But social robots and artificial intelligence are still relatively new to consumers so we’ve spent a lot of time and energy inventing the software and hardware to build a product that can easily integrate into people’s lives. While we’ve been busy creating Bo, Newable has helped us to create a streamlined business by working with us to develop a business and investment plan which we need to raise additional funding from investors. They’ve also guided us on which markets to focus on which is a big challenge for us as there’s no predecessor to follow for social robots. This year we plan to fully launch Bo in the UK as we have a strong pipeline of customers eagerly waiting to integrate it in their businesses.” Newable will continue to support BotsandUS across their entrepreneurial journey.