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Since the Industrial Revolution, major economic and technology-driven shifts have caused significant social change. New technologies, data analytics and social networks have all impacted the way that people communicate, collaborate and work. As generations collide, workforces become more diverse, people are starting to take greater control over their work hours.

Businesses are beginning to appreciate that significant transformational change can offer new opportunities and that traditional workplace models are looking to be a thing of the past. Businesses want greater flexibility to scale up and down their operations, and office space, as their business evolves.

There is no doubt, the world of work has changed forever.

Rapid globalisation, increased business uncertainty and the rise of the new generation of connected workers, empowered by collaborative and mobile solutions, have radically altered the future workforce and workplace. More than ever, businesses need flexibility to optimise on these economic, technological and societal changes.

The flexible working revolution

In our research, 72% of SMEs wouldn’t take up an office for more than 3 years, instead preferring short-term leases and the ability to quickly change the size of their space. Flexible working will be the defining characteristic of the future workplace, with it predicted that 32% of all UK organisations will offer flexible working by the end of 2020 (Google Workplace 2020). 

But it’s not just SMEs that want flexibility – occupiers want agility too. In the UK, JLL estimates flexible workspace currently accounts for just 5% of all office stock. However, over the next five years more than 10 million sqft will be added and flex space will account for over 8.5% of the total office stock by 2023. JLL suggests flex space will continue to grow to 30% by 2030. CBRE agrees, reporting similar figures across major European markets.

The future is flexible.

NewFlex, recently launched by Newable, offers a team of experienced consultants who work with building owners and occupiers who are looking to benefit from flexible officing. Our consultants listen and understand the unique needs of each client to offer a bespoke flexible workspace solution, designed with our clients in mind to help maximise revenue.

Our team of experienced consultants have worked with 1000s of flexible buildings across the world, and have a proven track record of providing profitable, bespoke solutions for building owners. 

Once a solution is identified and agreed, our team can execute at pace with support on design, fit-out, marketing and more to fill your space with paying customers.

NewFlex offers a one-stop service for building owners looking to monetise flexible working.


How it works

  • We meet to understand your challenge and aspirations
  • We design the bespoke workplace solution to maximise your revenue
  • We sign a partnership agreement based on minimum management fee and profit share
  • We fill your space with paying customers. (We can rejuvenate a dormant space in just 3 weeks)
  • You receive revenue monthly, together with management accounts
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Our team of experienced consultants have worked with 1000s of flexible buildings across the world, and have a proven track record of providing profitable, bespoke, managed solutions for building owners.