SME construction training consultancy returns to Newable to fund nationwide growth

Newable represents a service and experience driven business ethos that is based on forming and growing relationships with SME’s no matter what size of business or industry and this case study proves the importance of this.

The company has previously taken out 2 loans with GLE (Newable) to aid its growth plans and approached Newable Commercial Finance as they have been working with the Department for International Trade throughout the years therefore a reputable relationship had been established and further finance was needed. However, it was not easy, David Robson explains how difficult this was prior to meeting with Newable Lending:

“We as a broker approached many lenders in the market who offered rates which were not right for the clients business”

How we helped

Newable Commercial Finance approached numerous lenders in the market based on fully understanding the business, its needs and growth plans and submitting applications which best fit the requirements of the business Construction Help Line Ltd. Not only was there a tight timeframe in which to raise the funds, but the best rate and length of loan were vital also.

The broker department is a new addition to the other SME services Newable as a whole provides and has proven that brokers play a hugely important role in supporting SME businesses by finding them the right financial options in the market place. This is based on experience and an understanding of the lenders and products available as well as providing a speed and quality of service that exceeds expectations.

One of the lenders Newable Commercial Finance approached was Newable Lending who turned the application around in 5 working days from the date the application was submitted until the monies were received by the business client.

Newable Lending not only offered the fastest offer turnaround times than the other lenders, but they offered the best rate, the best length of loan term but also the largest loan amount allowing the business to achieve what it needs to.