Room for growth: finding the perfect office space

The Pathways Group was launched in December 2010 by David Thompson; CEO as a small community-based accommodation and support provider for young people aged 16-19.

BBB workspace

Over the past 11 years, it has grown to be one of the country’s largest provider of accommodation and support services to children looked after aged 16-25, Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children as well as early intervention services to struggling families as preventative action to keep children at home.

The Pathways Group came to Citibase from a small office in Hale, Cheshire. The company had outgrown the space available in our previous office and had no room to expand which was causing congestion in our workspace. The team were also keen to relocate their Head Office to an area that was more accessible and central to our 9 Northwest Teams in the Northwest and with better accessibility to main travel routes.

We loved the idea of finding an office space that would allow us the flexibility to grow without restricted space.

Finding the perfect office space

As a rapidly growing company; Pathways Group knew that wherever they moved would need to be able to provide additional space when the time came, and this was the main appeal of a flexible working space. The team didn’t want to change location again when; inevitable, they needed more space, and wanted somewhere that had that option within the same site.

The team were familiar with Citibase having previously attended meetings in several sites across the Birchwood Business Park and so were familiar with the sites on offer.

They contacted Citibase to help find the perfect office space and were introduced to a Centre Manager.

I would say that everyone we have worked with so far has been equally as supportive and helpful. Dean Haslam, Alexandra Southwood, Michela and Kath have all been amazing since coming to Citibase/The Genesis Centre and its thanks to the them that we’ve had such a positive experience here. Since arriving we have gone from taking 2 office spaces to now having 7 and a communal area.

Future plans

The team are already looking at moving into an even bigger space that is sure to meet their needs for many years to come.

This is an exciting move for The Pathways Group as it’s a clear sign that the post-Covid recovery is at full steam ahead.

As well as their new office space; the group are also launching 3 new services in the next 6 months and have further plans to expand into the Midlands and South.


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