Removing roadblocks to clear the path for female entrepreneurs and future female leaders

We interviewed Rachel as part of our Fuelling Ambition programme on the importance and impact of empowering women within the UK economy.

Rachel Maclean is a Conservative Member of Parliament for Redditch and also sits on the BEIS Committee. Rachel is passionate about engaging women into Parliament. A record number of women were elected to Parliament in 2017 and Rachel has recently been elected chair of Westminster’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Women in Parliament to continue this trend.

“The future success of our economy isn’t just dependent on Government being ambitious, as important as that is, but central to our country’s future prosperity is empowering women to become entrepreneurs and to believe in themselves.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know all too well the many obstacles and challenges women face in the world of business. Although we have made great strides in improving equality and diversity in the workplace since I began my career in business, we still have a long way to go in making sure all women reach their full potential.

That’s why Newable’s Fuelling Ambition is key in affecting tangible change in the belief that one day we will live in a country and a world where women are no longer held back.

Our country prospers when everyone prospers. The future success of the UK’s economy will not be unlocked until we unlock the talents and ambitions of every single girl and woman in this country.

We must remove every single obstacle which prevents women from becoming entrepreneurs and leading the future FTSE 100, tech-pioneering and small and medium-sized businesses in this country. Only then can we truly say Britain’s economy works for everyone.

After moving from the world of business into politics, I am passionate and more determined than ever to empower women and to prove to them that no matter their age or background, their dreams and ambitions can take them as far as they wish to go.”

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