Kluster is a London based B2B SaaS platform that is looking to augment the way companies track their revenue streams.

Kluster’s value proposition lies in the fact that most SMEs have limited visibility over their sales cycle and are unable to come up with reliable sales data in real time, leading to ambiguity between key stakeholders in the business.

By pulling through data from a company’s CRM systems (such as Salesforce or HubSpot) and applying machine learning techniques, Kluster is able to close these visibility gaps by providing AI-powered revenue forecasting, real time monitoring (as an early warning system) and sales pipeline management. By allowing decisions to be made earlier and with more confidence, Kluster has been able to improve sales win rates by 24 per cent, decrease sales cycles by 16 percent and add 8 per cent to a company’s average order value.

Website: https://kluster.com/