Newable Ventures Life Lessons

Life Lessons for Investing

Official figures for EIS and SEIS investment reveal growth and near record levels, which is great news for early stage UK companies seeking investment. To support the continued growth for EIS Investments, today Newable Private Investing launches a series of videos showcasing the “Life Lessons” from UK entrepreneurs and investors, providing a series of tips and hints for EIS investing. 


Episode 1: Go Early – Newable Life Lessons

The early bird gets the worm and this saying has never been more true with regards to investing. Find out about investors who have been rewarded for their leap of faith and what tips they have to share.


Episode 2: Don’t Believe in Dragons – Newable Life Lessons

This episode contains a bit of myth busting and unveils the world of angel investment. Find out about dragons, angels and the fantastical world of early stage investment.


Episode 3: Chemistry Counts – Newable Life Lessons

The relationship between an entrepreneur and investor is very important. An investor doesn’t only provide money, but their expertise and access to their networks. This episode explores why it is that this relationship can be very rewarding for both parties when matched well.


Episode 4: Hold on Tight – Newable Life Lessons

The early stages of a company can be hard to predict, you can be doing incredibly well one week and hitting a new low the next. But isn’t that to be expected? Find out how to survive this roller-coaster of a journey.


Episode 5: Spot the signs – Newable Life Lessons

In start-up investing there are so many variables that could positively or negatively impact the success of the venture. Our highly experienced investment team share their tips and know-how on how to spot the good from the bad.

Episode 6: No Need to go it Alone – Newable Life Lessons

At Newable, we understand how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to set up and run their own business, find out about the support and additional services we have in place to help businesses succeed.


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