Meet our mentors!

Carolene Thompson, Vivienne Scantlebury and Simon Paul are all finalists of the National Mentoring Awards and share their background and their history in mentoring.

How did you start mentoring?

Simon Paul: I suppose it really started when I first became a manager and picked up big time when I found myself running a company in Belgrade. I left a legacy in that at least five of my direct reports went on to start their own businesses and I am still in regular contact with two of them that are still doing so.

Simon Paul has been an Innovation Adviser with Newable for just over two years. His clients are mostly bringing new technological products and services to market. Simon’s work with clients varies from hands-on support to refine business plans, access finance and refining their business models through to mentoring. Simon’s background in having run several businesses of his own and on behalf of others and, having advised hundreds of business people, gives him the skills and experience to support a diverse range of business owners effectively.

What kind of mentoring do you do?

Carolene: Today, I work as a business mentor for early stage and growth SME’s looking to improve marketing and performance, grow their workforce, increase profits and improve productivity.

How do you think mentoring makes a difference?

Vivienne Mentoring can have a positive impact on clients for the following reasons:

Mentoring provides confidential, impartial support, which they can use as a sounding board, giving them the opportunity to discuss with their Mentor, which they may not feel comfortable to discuss with other. The clients can have the confidence that their Mentor wants them to succeed. Mentoring can be Life Changing for some clients, you can see the growth in Confidence and personal and Business growth through your support.

Vivienne is currently a Senior Business Adviser working on the Enterprise Europe Network project, her role is to support businesses in the facilitating of Internationalisation through partnership working.

Vivienne supports SME’s through the EEN to innovate and scale up by providing access for SME’s to the largest European database, she was also instrumental in the developing and facillitating of the Personal Development programme at Newable.

What advice would you give to SMEs?

Carolene: Never bite off more than you can chew! Learn and grow at a pace that is manageable and comfortable for you, both in terms of resources and finance.

If you have a product and service that is proven to work, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Take advantage of help and support that is freely and readily available, there are many of us mentors out there, with a genuine passion and interest in seeing other succeed.

Carolene has over 17 years business advisory and development experience, 13 of which gained here at Newable. Delivering both national and regional business support initiatives to our clients ranging from small prestart, start ups, early stage – to medium / larger more established businesses.

What do you enjoy most about mentoring?

Simon: It’s very rewarding to see people grow. People often drift away and from a distance, you can see that they’re on a roll. It’s when people no longer need their mentor that you know you’ve played a part in their success.

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