Connecting academia and business to create commercial success

Newable Innovation introduced a young innovation-led business to students on one of the UK's leading MBA programmes. The result was a win-win for both parties.


Scribeasy is a cloud-based teaching & learning platform helping children with learning difficulties to read and write. It enables a fully customisable visual, auditory, and touchable writing and editing workflow between educators and students. However, as a young, emerging business, one of the challenges faced by Amanda Duncan, CEO and founder of Scribeasy, was to find high quality business advice that would help her unlock sustainable market growth.

Kingston Business School

KBS has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s leading business schools. In this project, Newable Innovation worked closely together with Dr Serhiy Kovela, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accounting, Finance and Informatics and his class of MBA students. Case study learning has been a fixture on the business school’s curriculum for many years. However, this only supports theoretical learning. The challenge that KBS faces is to find high quality companies with practical, ‘real world’ issues. The long-term partnership with Newable Innovation helps the university face this challenge.

Newable Innovation

As part of the Enterprise Europe Network, Newable has deep connections with the entrepreneurial community as well as a successful record of working with academia. Newable was able to introduce 4 companies to KBS, as well as to help shape their collaboration.

The programme

Scribeasy received comprehensive support from the students, working on a detailed 3-year strategy for sustainable business growth in new markets, identifying key milestones and timelines. The support was invaluable for Amanda, who said after the project that she is even considering hiring some of the students.

The consultancy provided by Newable Innovation, as well as by the students from Kingston Business School, has had significant impact on Scribeasy’s business strategy and on Amanda’s confidence in the project. The company has now tested its product in a number of schools and launched formally on 19th June 2017. Amanda confirmed how invaluable the support she received from Newable Innovation was for her company as it “brought the expertise and information I required at the right time”. Moreover, Scribeasy is amongst the semi-finalists in the European Social Innovation Competition 2017, which further consolidates the company’s high potential to have significant social impact.