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Hybrid work
Do we have to be hybrid workers to do hybrid work?
As work is changing perhaps forever thanks to Covid-19, do we all have to become hybrid workers? Haven’t small business owner-managers always been hybrid workers? Forbes reports on the future of hybrid working.
Steve Jude
We should give office workers the freedom to work flexibly
As Albert Einstein said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” This is more true than ever as we navigate through the worst pandemic the world has seen in 100 years.
Hybrid Office
NewFlex launches new ‘Hybrid Office’ model
Newable's workspace branch, NewFlex has just launched a new 'hybrid office' model, giving occupiers greater flexibility whilst promoting team collaboration and innovation.
Backing British Businessess - Nebula Consulting
Backing British Business – Nebula Consulting
Nebula Consulting are London based company, founded in 2012 Nebula are experts in the business tool Salesforce. They help companies utilise technology to further enhance their business.
My Office Club
NewFlex unveils My Office Club in Lewisham, our first White Label workspace brand
NewFlex, the leading provider of branded office solutions powered by Newable, has unveiled its first white label brand – My Office Club, providing 17,000 sq.ft of vibrant new workspace in the heart of Lewisham town centre on behalf of MHA London.
Space-as-a-Service comes of age
Steve Jude, CEO of NewFlex gives his thoughts on Space-as-a-Service for Property Week.
Bold Podcast announcement
Introducing the #WorkBold space-as-a-service series
We’ve been working on a new, exciting podcast with the team at Bold, focusing on Space-as-a-service and how new developments are shaking up the world of commercial real estate forever.
NewFlex takes a Bold step
NewFlex, the leading provider of branded office solutions, powered by Newable, has added London-based space-as-a-service start-up, Bold to its family of brands.
John Arenas
Interview with Serendipity founder
Newable Flexible Workspace recently became the exclusive UK area development partner for US workspace provider Serendipity Labs. Property Week interviewed Serendipity founder; John Arenas on the decision to expand their offer to the UK.
Serendipity Labs
Serendipity Labs and Newable partner to target UK workspace market
NewFlex is to become the exclusive UK area development partner for US workspace provider Serendipity Labs.
Steve Jude
What next for flexible offices?
Steve Jude, CEO of Citibase was recently interviewed by Property Week on the future of flexible workspaces, here is that interview.
Citibase continues to expand!
Citibase has just opened another site in Aberdeen, providing flexible working spaces for businesses.
Making the News
Chris Manson and Steve Jude are featured Property Week published on Friday.
Citibase Uxbridge
Citibase to boost local economy in Uxbridge
Citibase has opened a vibrant new work hub in Uxbridge, West London, with potential to provide over 28,000 sq ft of flexible and affordable serviced office space.
Citibase to open 2nd Leeds centre
Citibase Leeds Arena Point has potential to provide more than 12,000 sq ft of office space, and could house about 216 SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and larger corporates. 
Flexible workspace to go “mainstream”
Flexible workspace  is top of the list, set to go really big in 2019.
Headline news
Property Week, the sectors key publication ran the story on Friday.
Newable acquires flexible office provider Citibase in landmark deal to support SMEs
Newable, the provider of finance, business advice and premises, has acquired flexible office pioneer Citibase in a significant deal which will help to supercharge the growth of British businesses.